You are here for ONE reason...to get a better marketing solution
for your business.  We're here to educate you about the hottest
marketing strategy available. Our systematic campaign strategy  
yields the greatest return on investment and places you in the
drivers seat for  fully integrating real time results with project lead
development. This is a custom program designed by
Graphic Investments.

PURL Marketing Strategies is a marketing plan developed  to  take  
advantage  of  1-on-1 personalized advertising technology.

The use of variable data printing, variable data email messaging  
and  variable  data  Internet communication makes 1-on-1
marketing possible.  Your company can connect with new
prospects or existing clients by sending personalized messages
that will drive contacts to a specific goal.

PURL Marketing Strategies is custom to each participant.  You have
control of how the Direct Mail and Internet pages look and feel.  
We utilize your "Branding" to help drive people to use your