Preferred File Formats For Printing:

Adobe InDesign (2.0, CS, or CS2)
Use InDesign’s built in Preflight to check for problems and to Package for   Service

Adobe Illustrator (8.0, 9.0 10.0, CS, CS2)
Make sure document size is set for the ACTUAL PRINTED size. Include 1/8” bleed
and convert all type to Paths (outline). Embed all non-vector images or supply them
in a separate folder. Save as an EPS.

Adobe PDF
Make sure PDF is Hi-Res (down sample to 300 or above) with NO compression.
Use PDF / x-1a with 5.0 or above compatibility if your document contains

Tiff, JPG or PSD
The most common program used for these file types is Adobe Photoshop. Files
should be created ACTUAL SIZE at 266-300dpi (dots-per-inch) and in CMYK mode.
If your document bleeds, please add 1/4-inch in Height AND Width to your
document. (1/8-inch all around.) If submitting Layed PSD files, make sure to include
ALL fonts used. Also, do not use type below 6pt in these formats.

Stuffit (.sit) and WinZip (.zip) files are preferred compression formats for submitting
files. Please do not send any files with .exe extension (self-extracting) as we will not
attempt to open them for security reasons.

Unacceptable File Formats
Please do not submit file in the following formats:
Web Photos
DO NOT use photos, images, logos, etc., that have been copied from a web page.  
You will be notified immediately if image resolution will not produce acceptable
Corel Draw
We do not accept native Corel Draw Files.
Gif file format is usually used for web images (256 colors and 72dpi) and is not
acceptable resolution for commercial printing.
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Programs such as PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel and Word are NOT Pre-
Press Ready. These are presentation programs only and are therefore not
acceptable for commercial print use. If a client designs art in these programs, a
hard copy of the artwork MUST be provided and Graphic Investments will re-create
the art in an acceptable printable format. Additional charges will be applied
The above programs are acceptable when Graphic Investments is designing a new
project.  These programs are very efficient for the purpose of supplying copy to be
incorporated into the printed piece.  Graphic Investments will use these file to
assign style sheet information for the printed project.
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